Here’s what some of my past and current clients have to say about working with me.

Nicole has been awesome to work with. She is a no-nonsense operator who has given me so much peace of mind. Fair and transparent pricing and excellent communication.

Lisa Evans

Executive Speaker Coach, Speaking Savvy

I totally recommend Nicole. She’s a valued member of my team and makes a critical contribution to my success.

Nicole has streamlined and automated my processes, and builds my online courses. She has a beautiful ability to know exactly where I’m at and what I need. Nicole has solved problems I didn’t know I had, and suggested innovations that get me to where I need to be faster.

She communicates all of this in language I can understand – that’s an amazing gift!!

Belinda Thomas

Executive Coach, Performance HQ NZ

Before I started working with Nicole, I was befuddled and languishing. I knew I needed to up my game to get my new consulting firm off the ground, but I wasn’t sure how. Nicole worked with me to set up my marketing tools, email funnels, and connect my systems so they work seamlessly together. She also helped me launch a virtual seminar, ensuring my conference page was engaging — and working! I highly recommend Nicole to any solo-prenuer who needs an expert to get their business up and running.

Bethany Snyder, MPP

Snyder Strategies

Nicole is prompt, understands every aspect of work and completes it to a high standard, takes initiative to think about ways to improve processes, and is available for discussions to ensure everything is completed properly. Nicole is a star performer! She is professional, knows her stuff, and communication is above and beyond. Most importantly, I have felt comfortable referring her to friends.

Daniel McCullen

Co-Founder and CEO, SpacetoCo

Nicole is basically the digital heartbeat of my business.

She has automated huge parts of our processes and built online courses for me. She’s always looking for ways for us to streamline things and her input is invaluable.

Nicole is professional, knows her stuff, and her communication is above and beyond.

Basically, you can’t have her. I will fight you 

Shelly Davies

Writer, Trainer, & Plain Language Ninja, Shelly Davies Writing & Training

I was frustrated with the whole process of technical hookups and connections for my course launch. Specifically, my Marketing Operations: creating landing pages on my WordPress site, setting up my mailing list on MailChimp with the proper segments and automations to group my customers based on how they found me, inputting all the copy from my copywriter accurately, and hooking all this “tech” up with my Deadline Funnel and my Teachable sales page.

I had done all the tech myself in the past, and had also hired other people to do it, but never felt like it was right, nor that I could trust it to work. And every time, something would come up during launch that I or my team had totally missed, and we scrambled to solve a major issue mid-launch. I discovered that the skillset to build and manage the technical connections was HUGELY different than the skill set needed to create relational connections, or coach, or enroll clients, or sell, or any other of my skills. I just didn’t have the time, energy or inclination to do it anymore.

I hired Nicole Abramowski to completely take over the technical marketing “operations” side of an important launch, and I’m so glad I did! I dumped all the confusion, uncertainty and worry I’d had in the past about the technical side of my launches, directly onto her capable shoulders. She gave me a full system of integrations and strategies I didn’t have to worry about. She anticipated and preemptively solved numerous technical challenges I had never even thought of, despite running multiple previous launches.

And the tech performed beautifully during my biggest launch ever, with zero major hiccups. None!

Handing over my tech strategy and setup to Nicole was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. The relief of not having to even think about the technical side of my launch, has enabled me to concentrate fully on creating the course we were launching, coaching my clients, running my business and sharing my gifts with the world.

If you’re struggling with the operational tech side of your business, maybe trying to do it yourself or “managing” someone who doesn’t actually have the skillset, and you have a technical setup need coming up, talk to Nicole. She helped orchestrate the smoothest launch experience I have ever had.

Samantha Alvarez

Sales & Relationship Coach, Samantha Alvarez Coaching