• Are you getting bogged down managing the every day responsibilities of your business?

  • You want to do more, but the technology involved in the process freaks you out?

  • Is your team and client pool getting too large to stay on top of yourself?

Here’s some things I can help you with:


Marketing Operations - Launch Support

Preparing for a launch and need someone to handle your Marketing Operations? I got you covered.

  • I’ll work with your copywriter to put up landing pages for your new courses and/or products according to your specifications
  • Set up your email marketing segments and automations
  • Do the tech hook-up between all your services with your sales funnel
  • Put in all the code snippets you need for Google Analytics, funnel, Facebook pixel, etc.
Project Management
  • I act as a virtual manager for your team. I keep things running smoothly by regularly staying in touch with everyone, using online calendars and scheduling tools, e-mails, and phone calls to make sure everyone is meeting their deadlines.
  • Turning down clients because you can’t keep track of them all? I can support you with client management. Once you land a new client I can work with them to determine their specifications and needs, write it all up and work with you and your team to distribute tasks and make sure it all gets done.
Need help with something else?
Thinking you might be able to put my organizational skills to use in some other way that doesn’t quite fit the services above?

Send me a message or schedule a quick 30-minute call with me and let’s talk about it.

Alternatively, you can send me a message.