Sound familiar?

You’re getting bogged down managing the every day responsibilities of your business.

You want to do more, but the technology involved in the process freaks you out (or you just hate it).

You just want to focus on the creative stuff, not the boring logistics.

Your team and client pool is getting too large to stay on top of yourself.

You need help breaking your ideas down into steps and not sure what should come first.

Here’s some things I can help you with:


Sales Funnel Consultation (1-3 sessions )

You have an idea for a great sales funnel, online course or membership site, but are overwhelmed by choice and need help coming up with an action plan?

For US$150 per 1-hour session we can talk through the process and come up with a plan. You’ll leave with a list of actionable steps. Some examples of what we might discuss via a one-on-one strategy session:

  • Choosing which services to use for your needs, i.e. email marketing, online course platform, membership plugin/site, website hosting, self-hosted vs. hosted somewhere else, etc.
  • Strategy, when/how to launch, pre-selling, etc.
  • Mapping out your funnel. How many and which type of steps make sense?
  • Choosing a lead magnet to get people to opt in
  • What should you have prepared before you create an online course or membership site and what’s actually involved?
  • What type of content?
  • Evergreen vs. open/close launch
  • Validate your idea and talk through it

Contact me here to set up a call. 🙂

Digital Marketing Implementation & Launch Support

Preparing to launch your online course, membership site or product and need someone to handle the logistics? I got you covered. I can:

  • Set up your sales funnel
  • Make your product evergreen if desired
  • Create your landing pages for your new courses and/or products according to your specifications
  • Load up your course material, videos, etc. to your site
  • Set up your payment integration
  • Create your members’ only section
  • Put together your email marketing segments and automations
  • Do the tech hook-ups between all your services with your sales funnel
  • Put in all the code snippets you need for Google Analytics, funnel, Facebook pixel, etc.

Tech VA (Virtual Assistant) Services

If you’re looking for support from someone who understands the tech side of your business, communicates well and often, has attention to detail, and is willing to tell you when your ideas make no technological sense (or confirm they do), I’m your gal. Some examples of tasks I can take off your hands:

  • Setting up CRM tools (Dubsado, Acuity, ActiveCampaign, etc)
  • Email newsletter set-up/maintenance/automation
  • Website creation and maintenance
  • Content formatting
  • Creating landing/sales pages
  • Creating and monitoring email automations
  • Online course creation
  • Troubleshooting tech hiccups
  • eCommerce shop setup and/or maintenance
  • Integrations with Zapier
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Researching the best software for you

Need help with a task or software not on here? Get in touch with your needs and I’ll let you know if I can help!

I don’t do copy/content or ads, but I work with people who do and am happy to come up with a joint package for you that includes both.

Need help with something else?

Thinking you might be able to put my organizational skills to use in some other way that doesn’t quite fit the services above? Looking for a done for you package including copy and/or marketing strategy? I have several people I work with so if I don’t do what you need, I just might know someone great who does!