Ballpark Figure

I always hesitate to put rates up here as each one of my clients has different needs. It can be hard to put an exact number on something without further discussion. That said, I understand a ballpark figure is helpful to not waste either of our time if it’s not a fit in terms of budget. So here is some general info on my base rates and packages to give you an idea of how we could work together. I offer discounts for clients looking to work together longer-term, and am of course happy to come up with specific project rates for your launch, etc. just get in touch.

If you would like to move forward working with me, you can hire me on an ad hoc basis starting at US$48 (43€) per hour or on one of the retainer packages below.

Can’t quite make US$48/h or the package prices below but think we’re a really great fit? Get in touch and depending on my capacity we might be able to work something out (within reason of course).

Package A

Up to 5 hours within 30 days



Light support for regular monthly tasks

Package B

Up to 10 hours within 30 days



Moderate support for regular monthly tasks

Package C

Up to 20 hours within 30 days



More regular support for ongoing monthly tasks


Up to 20 hours within 90 days



Have someone on your side for those more spontaneous tasks that pop up


Set price for your project



minimum spend

For projects with a defined end date. Please get in touch to discuss the details and get an exact quote

  • Which retainer package you should purchase depends on the services you require and the amount and complexity of work involved. We can discuss your needs in more detail and determine together which package is best for you.

  • I am based in Germany and use the euro (€€), however I am happy to make contract agreements in your local currency. Retainer contracts will be locked in at the current exchange rate at the time of contract issue.

  • Retained hours must be used within 30 days of contract date except for the flexi plan.

  • Phone calls longer than 5 minutes will be deducted from the contracted hours.

  • Billing is on a weekly basis for ad-hoc hours, and on a pre-paid monthly basis for retainers.

  • Payment via bank transfer (Germany) or Transferwise is without any additional fee. Paypal, etc. payments accepted when needed, but include an extra fee to cover Paypal’s processing fees.

None of these packages quite the right fit?

I know everyone’s businesses are different. If you’re looking for a different type of retainer or package of hours, I’m totally open to work together and come up with something that fits your needs. Send me a message with a bit more about your business  and what you’re thinking and Iet’s chat.