Alright, it seems these are gonna be a monthly kinda thing, ya dig? This time Deb is up! Deb is another one of the first members of the online community and we’ve gotten to meet in Berlin, too.

In case you’re tuning in for the first time, these features began in the Queer Women* Digital Nomads Facebook community as a way to get to know each other and see what other queer nomads are doing in the remote and entrepreneurial spheres. We’re not so represented in the main digital nomad scene, which can be a bit discouraging at times (for me at least)! So I thought I’d do some features of members of the group to help increase visibility and let other queer nomads know they’re not alone out there!

Now, I’ll leave it to Deb!

How do you identify on the LGBTQ+ scale???

Predominantly L

What kind of remote work do you do right now?

Medical communications

How did you get into that kinda work?

By accident and after I left a HEOR (Health, Economics & Outcomes Research) fellowship early.

What was your first ever digital nomad job/gig?

I was working semi remotely in my current capacity but within the tristate NYC area.

Tell us a bit about your process to work remotely. Did you quit your job and run? Did you start taking clients on the side while working a normal 9-5? What challenges did you face in the beginning, if any, and how did you overcome them?

I was working a staff job that was partly remote. Then I went freelance and started getting clients who allowed me to be fully remote. However, my main client required my onsite presence 2 days a week. Then I took an 8 month sabbatical from work because I was really burned out (bursting blood vessels in my eyes every few months) and they contacted me while I was in Bangkok, where I started doing part-time work before going back to full-time, 100% remote, hours.

How do you find most of your work/new clients?

Networking within my industry

Do you feel like being queer affects your digital nomad life at all? If so, how?

Dating. I like going to places that are less queer friendly sometimes so I end up compartmentalizing and ignoring that aspect of my life.

What makes you feel alive?

Being in the mountains at high altitude. Being in amazingly beautiful places far away from people.

Any resources you’re particularly digging/find helpful related to digital nomad life, queer stuff, travel? (i.e. other Facebook groups, podcasts, online courses, blogs, instagram accounts, etc.)

Basically I use Google to find coworking spaces and a gym wherever I go.

Where are you from, where are you now, and what are your next travels coming up?

I’m from the NYC suburbs and lived in NYC for 15 years before escaping the rat race. I’m in East Africa on my way to Rwanda. After that I’m going to Kenya, Paris for work, Nepal, and Bhutan for vacation on the Snowman Trek.

What’s your current digital nomad-related struggle (if any)? Gotta keep it real, ya know? 😉

Work-life balance. Too many 12-hour days!

Where can we find you online?




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