It’s not so often you hear about other queer digital nomads. These features began in the Queer Women* Digital Nomads Facebook community as a way to get to know each other and see what other queer nomads are doing in the remote and entrepreneurial spheres. We’re not so represented in the main digital nomad scene, which can be a bit discouraging at times (for me at least)! So I thought I’d do some features of members of the group to help increase visibility and let other queer nomads know they’re not alone out there!

First up, the lovely Anne Dorko! Anne was one of the first 5 members of our Queer Women* Digital Nomads group, and we became friends through the group and got to hang a few times in Berlin so yay for that!

Now I’ll leave it to Anne:

How do you identify on the LGBTQ+ scale???


What kind of remote work do you do right now?

SEO and Educational Product Development. Supplementary income from streaming live music on Twitch.

Anne performing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris

How did you get into that kinda work?

B.S. in Media Arts, quickly evolved on-the-job to web developer and online marketer. Been freelancing in the industry since 2006.

What was your first ever digital nomad job/gig?

Web development and design after quitting my job in 2011 and living out of my car to see the 48 contiguous states for a 7 month trip.

Tell us a bit about your process to work remotely. Did you quit your job and run? Did you start taking clients on the side while working a normal 9-5? What challenges did you face in the beginning, if any, and how did you overcome them?

I’ve been working side gigs and small businesses since I was seven years old. My obsession for creating my own work came in handy when the economy crashed in 2008 and I became disillusioned from the work world after several layoffs. I quit my last job and used a combo of freelance work and credit cards to get started.

How do you find most of your work/new clients?

Word of mouth.

Do you feel like being queer affects your digital nomad life at all? If so, how?

My anxiety levels when choosing new places to go. Always a bit afraid of accidentally going somewhere hostile since I present very queer.

What makes you feel alive?

Creating. New experiences. Getting positive feedback about my creations.

Anne scuba diving

Any resources you’re particularly digging/find helpful related to digital nomad life, queer stuff, travel? (i.e. other Facebook groups, podcasts, online courses, blogs, instagram accounts, etc.)

Not at the moment… been pretty passive lately.

Where are you from, where are you now, and what are your next travels coming up?

From California. Living in Germany. I don’t have lots of specific trips planned but things always come up. My dream world is to go on tours with my music stream audience around the world every year for 4-6 months.

What’s your current digital nomad-related struggle (if any)? Gotta keep it real, ya know? 😉

I struggle to stay on a consistent schedule.

Where can we find you online?

Website: and

Spotify page:


Facebook page:


Here’s some space for anything else you wanna tell us!

Beginning my music career now! Very excited about it.

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