Do you remember Livejournal? You know, that website where teens spewed out their deepest, most angsty shit. We teens in the early 2000s knew something about blogging honestly, for better or for worse. Expertly crafted, passive-aggressive teenage thoughts! Memes! Angsty song lyrics directed at our exes! This was all between 1999 and 2010 or so.

Here is one of my actual LiveJournal posts from 2004:

Blogging Honestly a la LiveJournal

You get the idea.

To me, LiveJournal, Xanga, all these websites were the start of blogging. Do you agree?

We poured our feelings out on the internet. It was honest. It was raw. You connected on a deeper level with total strangers. Made passive aggressive posts about how great your life was with your ex still on your friends list. Complained about your parents. You put all of your shit out there.

…and then we got a little older and realized that non-teens and possibly, *gasp* employers, could read our thoughts too. Like that time in high school when my Mom read my LiveJournal and realized I was gay…on National Coming Out Day. True story.


Then people realized they could make money with blogging.

…and then the beach photos started.

Now, I love the beach as much as the next person, but come on, have these people never experienced sand? It gets everywhere. You get sunburned awkwardly. Tan lines, sometimes you don’t duck under the waves fast enough and they bring you to the shore like a drowned rat. Sometimes you realize one of your boobs fell out of your bathing suit a little too late. Life is just not always so perfectly sexy.

I’ve been wanting to start a new blog for awhile, but I struggled with what my purpose would be. I felt the internet didn’t need photos of me standing on top of mountains and sitting on trains, talking about how great travel is. Travel is great, but there are other people already doing that well.

Then it hit me.

Blogging honestly

Back to my roots, but maybe a bit less angst this time. I want to bring honesty back to the internet. Or least, to my internet. I also want to provide a queer voice and perspective to these expat, traveling and digital nomad scenes I co-exist in. Us queer lady nomads are out here too, we’re not just with our girlfriends and our lesbian cat herds, in our matching hoodies in front of Netflix! (Okay some of us are.) [By the way, if you’re a queer nomad reading this come hang with us in this group].

So here comes Unsettled Down, and my best attempt at blogging honestly. I guess we’ll call her a “Lifestyle Blog”, whether that means. My “lifestyle” mostly consists of several categories: queer, vegan, (sometimes) digital nomad, traveler, foodie, blogger. Expect a bit of all these things, and maybe the occasional post about the cool tree houses I found on AirBnB, or how the eff I’m going to ever master Javascript. You may find some affiliate links on this blog, but only when it really relates to what I’m talking about, or is something I’m really interested in, because I know there’s already enough people trying to sell you stuff on the internet.

Most importantly, I promise not to spam you with perfect beach photos.

I hope you’ll join me and keep me in check!


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