Hi, I’m Nicole.

I worked for 8+ years in administrative and project management roles before quitting my job to do my own thing in late 2017. I’m from the United States and have been based in Berlin, Germany since 2011. 

I spend my time providing support to my badass clients, doing mediocre yoga, staring at other peoples’ pets too long, and performing vegan culinary alchemy in whichever kitchen I reside at the moment.

Here is some more info about me and the main software and services I have experience with. Use a different service or program? No problem, get in touch and I am happy to let you know if it’s something I can help you with!

Personal Attributes

I am highly organized

I’m a native English speaker

I speak fluent German

I am a straight-forward, direct communicator

I’m adaptable

I love a challenge, throw me in and I’ll figure my way out

I ask questions to get to the root of the problem

I look towards the big picture rather than quick fixes

I sometimes have really awesome jungle backgrounds on video calls 😉

Tech Experience

Website builders WordPress and Squarespace


WordPress themes Divi, Beaver Builder, Avada, Elementor and more

Google Suite (Sheets, Docs, Calendar and a bit of custom Google Scripts between them)

Microsoft Excel

Acuity Scheduling

ActiveCampaign CRM system

HTML, CSS and light Javascript (up to basic API calls)


Online Marketing

Mailchimp, Mailerlite, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, and more


Deadline Funnel


Social media scheduling tools Smarterqueue, Buffer, Hootsuite, Tailwind

Google Analytics

Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress


eCommerce & Online Courses


Stripe and Paypal Integrations



Self-designed courses using WordPress Divi

Membership Sites & Project Mgmt


Memberspace (for membership sites on Squarespace)






Why Unsettled Down?

Well, between 1/3 to half the year I’m pretty nomadic. You might find me in the States, SE Asia, South America or ???. I’ve even been to Antarctica. Here’s me trying to Instagram some penguins to prove it:

I’ve also lived in Brighton, England and in Prague, Czech Republic. All these moves and working to fit myself into various countries’ visa regulations means I’ve collected a lot of varied experience over the years:

Random Experience from My Past Life for your Entertainment

The easiest job I ever had was to drive the trailer for a kayaking class at uni. I got paid to sit in the woods and read while the students kayaked to the end point where I was waiting.

I was an International Project Manager for a gig auditing a multi-national company in Dubai. I found out I got the job 24 hours before and hopped on a plane. My main client at the time was convinced it was a scam and I was being sold into human trafficking. I wasn’t. Luckily.

I managed the RAs and Counselors at an academic summer program for gifted children at Bryn Mawr and Princeton University. I once had to talk a student down who was pretending to be a squirrel from running into a glass door at full speed.

I moved to Prague at 22 after asking Google what I should do after graduation. Google said to get my TEFL certification and teach English there. I listened, but I also learned I don’t really like teaching English.

I was once accidentally in a Febreze commercial and earned 1600€ for it. They blindfolded me, put me in the back of a van, and asked me how things smelled a lot. For some reason I didn’t really question this at the time.

I ran the Registrar’s Office for a small Liberal Arts university, where I oversaw the logistics of the academic programs and coordinated 250+ students, 40+ faculty and 20 staff. Mostly I had to console students who were afraid their careers were ruined because they didn’t get into Black & White Photography.

I taught IT students to develop their cultural awareness in preparation for doing internships abroad. Mostly they tried to make awkward sex jokes at me.

I helped coordinate field trips and get students settled in for a summer study abroad program in Berlin for Harvard University. One time a parent took her student home the first day because there was too much graffiti in Berlin.

In 2018 while attempting to view the cherry blossoms on a mountain in Thailand, my Uber driver decided his car wasn’t up to the task and forced me out on a dirt road in the middle of the woods. So I hitchhiked with a truck full of monks instead. It’s all about creative solutions.

So how do all these random ass jobs relate to me and my business, you ask? Well, for one, I am pretty adaptable and learn things quickly. It’s all smooth sailing once you’ve learned to appease German immigration with copious amounts of complicated paperwork. My job history also means I have developed a decent amount of perspective to see how things fit together. It’s also made me very clear on what I’m good at and who I work best with.

You can read my references from my past life employers here. You know, just for some proof that I’m responsible and Germany trusted me enough to give me a permanent visa.

I’ve run my own successful blog, Vegan Nom Noms, since 2008 and run the online community Queer Women* Digital Nomads for LGBTQ* women and non-binary individuals who work remotely. Since early 2018 I help badass entrepreneurs and small businesses with their websites, sales funnels, eCommerce stores and have served as their techie VA.