Oh hi, I’m Nicole. I provide online support for fellow badass misfits of the entrepreneurial and small agency persuasion. Let me implement your creative ideas by handling the nerdy tech side of your business, i.e. building and maintaining your sales funnel, website, online course or shop, and/or email marketing.


I enjoy problem-solving, finding the best online tools for the job, breaking ideas down into steps and bringing visions to life.

I tend to gravitate towards fellow badass women coaches, trainers and small business owners who are a bit out there (a.k.a. the kids who got picked on in school for reading too many books). Those who are “too much”, too blunt, and too ready to go after those dreams. You bring the creativity, I bring the structure and a method to the madness.

Preparing for a launch? Been meaning to make that sales funnel for ages? Do you still not have an email list for your business? Need a way to sell your book, course or products online? Or maybe you have all these things, but you’re sick of maintaining them and want someone you can trust to bring your next ideas to life and keep everything under control. Let me handle the nerdy tech stuff.